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Our Services

Enabling access to health and mental health care for persons living in poverty and homelessness through comprehensive and creative clinical and social care approaches embedded in a well-being paradigm. The needs of those who live in the margins are our collective responsibility. Since 2014, The sri balakrishna trust has developed a variety of holistic mental health solutions that address multifaceted components of distress. This includes, emergency and acute medical, psychiatric and psychological care offered through our street based care and through our hospital settings, shelter based services, community based outpatient care and inclusive long term care options for persons with high support needs.

      Vocational & Skill Training           Provide Vocational Training and Skill Training to Youth and Women on Livelihoods trades

      Protect Children & Promote Education           Protect children from social evils and exploitation and Promote education and rights of poor children

      Health & Herbal Promotion           Providing people in sustainable health and herbal promotional activities through conducting training centre and medical institutions.

      Local Environment and Livelihoods Resources           Conserving local environment and livelihoods resources through appropriate technology and education

      Aged Person Home           To support aged person and run home for aged people and destitute.

      Child Health Programmes           To implement reproductive & Child health programmers in rural areas.

      Promote Organic Agriculture           To promote organic Agriculture and separate market to the products through sustainable methods and proper land utilization.

      Tree Plantation           To plant trees in rural and urban areas involving community of women, farmer and student.

      Conserve Water           conserve water and livelihood resources through innovative and effective function.

      Organic & Bio Agriculture           Purchase lands from landlords and distribute to landless agricultural labors specify to promote agricultural laborers specify to promote the organic agriculture, vermin compost, nursery, bio agriculture, waste and development, new methodologies agriculture, social forestry, tree plantation and etc.,